If you’re one of those self-proclaimed writers who can’t stop complaining about how technology is ruining the profession – think again. AI or Artificial Intelligence is here to help, not hinder. Grab your keyboard and read on to learn about the best AI writing tools that will help you produce better content – faster than ever before!

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Our list of best AI copywriting tools is specifically based on OpenAI’s GPT-3, which is universally accepted as the best language model in the business. It is one of the most sophisticated language models which utilizes deep learning — a part of the machine learning method based on artificial neural networks — to generate human-like text. We had covered GPT-3 for copywriting in our earlier article if you are interested to know more about GPT-3 and how it works.

Before we proceed to look at all the AI writing options available, we need to address a couple of important questions.

Can you automate your copywriting process with these AI writing assistants?

You cannot. It’s not just because OpenAI mandates a “human in the loop” for these GPT3 tools; it’s also because these services aren’t expected to churn out flawless output. I think it’s indispensable to set the expectations right before you go ahead and try (or purchase) these AI writers, something the developers of these software aren’t doing themselves.

The AI (GPT-3 in this case) isn’t trained for raw facts. You CANNOT use them for research or anything vaguely technical. OpenAI has scraped roughly 10% of the Internet up until 2019 or so. The primary use-case of this AI writing software is to help you with writer’s block and/or help you come up with different angles to the story. There will be better versions of AI coming up soon (including from Google and Facebook), and these AI copywriters will also get better with time making the copies look closer to those written by human writers. Now that our expectations are clear, let’s proceed with another important question.

What Makes Great Copywriting?

Copywriting is not just about writing appealing original content. It is about understanding the intricacies of a product or service and devising creative solutions to highlight or sell them. What works for one might not work for another.

Professional copywriters use a variety of styles based on the context and their objectives, for example:

  • The most successful landing pages feature direct sales copy, focusing on the benefits the buyer will gain from a product or service. A well-written landing page delivers clear, compelling value propositions.
  • The majority of Product Page copy uses a passive voice and is focused on information, with a lot of information packed into limited space. A/B testing has shown that product descriptions can significantly increase sales, while a recent survey reported that 98% of customers abandoned orders due to poor content.
  • In contrast to landing pages, emails often adopt a much more conversational style while also highlighting benefits for the reader. Subject lines tailored to the reader can boost open rates up to 50%.
  • Blog posts can vary a great deal in style, but they tend to be much less formal and reflect the subject matter in which they cover.

The AI copywriting software in this collection enables you to produce the highest quality written content with less time and effort. While professionals vary their content according to the medium, they still use contrasting styles in order to maintain a distinctive voice.

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How to choose the best AI copywriter?

Choosing the best AI writing tool can be quite a task. It depends on your workflow and the niche you are in. While most of the below-mentioned AI tools are based on GPT-3, the output you get varies from tool to tool. That’s because each developer would have tuned the input differently, so the output would be considerably different despite them being trained on nearly the same data set. Also, not all GPT-3 tools are using the “Davinci” model, which is considered to be much better than other models like “Curie,” “Babbage,” and “Ada.”

Other than the output quality of the AI-generated content, it would help if you also considered the user interface, AI writing experience, writing speed, control, and flexibility offered before choosing the right AI writer to suit your workflow. Also, make sure it has support for multiple languages, including the language of your choice if it’s not English.

While I will be talking about the positives and negatives of each of the tools, I suggest you try multiple tools before you settle down with one (or two).

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The Best AI Writing Software

It’s not an exaggeration when I say new GPT-3 AI tools are cropping up like mushrooms every other day. OpenAI has opened up access to GPT-3 in recent times, and that has resulted in a big surge of new GPT-3 tools. That’s good as well as bad news for copywriters. While more competition is always welcome, it’s a nightmare to choose between so many similar-looking AI writing services.

Not to worry. I have done the hard work for you. Over the last 6 months or so, I have used nearly every AI writing assistant out there (at least 30+ of them). And here’s my curated list of the best AI copywriting tools you should check out.

(Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links that compensate us at no additional cost to you.)

1. Shortly AI – the best AI writing tool for long-form content

shortly ai

Let me make something ample clear. Shortly AI is by far my favorite GPT-3 AI writer available right now. Unlike most other tools in this list, Shortly is built specifically for long-form content. It has a clean, “blank canvas”, a distraction-free interface that you can use to write your sales copy, landing page copy, blog articles, or even a full-fledged novel. More importantly, the AI-generated content from Shortly AI is top-notch. It’s the best AI story writer in town!

This blank canvas interface can also be considered to be its shortcoming. For someone starting new with AI copywriting, this can be a bit underwhelming since there isn’t much going on with the interface. But once you get the hang of it, with all those commands to instruct, rewrite, expand or shorten, using Shortly AI will be a breeze. You can even use Shortly to create SEO-optimized content by asking it to include specific keywords while generating content.

There are just two pricing plans for Shortly AI. The monthly plan costs $39.99, while the annual plan comes with a 40% discount at $299 (effectively $24.99 a month). Both of them come with unlimited usage. There’s a 3-day free trial if you want to use it before you subscribe. Unfortunately, there’s no lifetime deal for Shortly AI, unlike many other AI content creators we will be discussing later on.


– Distraction-free UI
– Creative writing mode
– High-quality output
– Highly efficient workflow
– Advanced commands and techniques
– Unlimited credits
– Mobile app available

– Minimalistic UI can be underwhelming for some
– Readymade templates are not available
– Minimal documentation available
– No Lifetime deal
– Monthly subscription costs are on the higher sides

Get Shortly AI

2. Jasper (previously Conversion.ai/Jarvis) – the best overall AI writer

jasper ai writer

Jasper (previously known as Conversion.ai/Jarvis) addresses many of Shortly AI’s shortcomings while still providing a neat user interface. It has over 40 different copywriting templates, including the ones for AIDA framework, Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) framework, product description, blog post intro, Facebook/Google Ad headline and description, Amazon product features/description, social media posts/captions, YouTube video script outline, Email subject lines and many more.

Jasper recently acquired Headlime which is another popular GPT-3 tool for copywriters. Together, they claim to be the best overall AI content creator available in the market right now. While that’s debatable, Jasper is indeed amongst the most popular services out there. Headlime continues to exist (for now) as a standalone tool, but I don’t suggest you subscribe to that.

There are three plans available. A Starter plan for $29 a month can generate up to 20,000 words a month, and a Pro Unlimited plan for $99 a month with no limits whatsoever. One can generate long-form copy such as blog posts, video scripts, and books only when using the Pro Unlimited plan. There’s a new third plan, Pro+Boss mode, which gives you access to the Boss Mode for an additional $20 per month.

– 40+ short-form copywriting templates
– High-quality output
– Support for team members
– Long-form assistant
– Detailed documentation

– Pricier plans when compared to others
– No Lifetime deal available

Free Trial Jasper

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3. Writesonic – the best AI writing tool for landing pages

the best ai writing tools to help you write better content faster in 2023 - writesonic

Writesonic (earlier known as Magicflow) is one of the matured GPT-3 writing software available right now. It has a straightforward interface where it lists around 28 different templates to help you with copywriting. It includes the usual ones like AI article intros, AI article ideas, Email subject and body, Google/Facebook ad copies, SEO meta tags, Product descriptions, and more.

But one unique feature which isn’t found on many other AI writers is the landing page generator. You can write high-converting landing page copies that drive more leads, sales, and sign-ups. It also has an AI Article Writer feature which is basically a long-form blog content generator similar to Shortly AI and Jarvis but not as polished when it comes to the workflow or output.

When it comes to pricing, Writesonic is targeting marketers and writers separately. The plans start from $20 per month (75 credits) and go up to $499 per month (unlimited credits). There’s also an option to buy credits (pay-as-you-go) separately, which is a nice thing. Luckily, those who are fans of lifetime deals can grab Writesonic for a one-time payment of just $59 with 40 credits per month.

– Quality landing page generator
– 28+ readymade templates
– High-quality output for short-form content
– Easy to use

– Complicated pricing plans
– Long-form AI content needs polish

Get Writesonic

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4. Copy.AI – best AI writing tool for marketers

the best ai writing tools to help you write better content faster in 2023 - copy ai

Copy.ai is another popular and deserving GPT-3 writer candidate in our list of best AI writer tools. Alongside Conversion.ai, it is one of the well-funded ones, too, with investments from the likes of Craft Ventures and Sequoia. Using GPT-3, Copy.ai has one of the largest collections of AI templates (modules) for a variety of purposes like Ad copies, blog generation, social media captions, email templates, sales copy generators, brainstorming tools, and more.

Copy.ai really shines when it comes to small handy tools like Tone changer, sentence rewriter, analogy generator, adjective accelerator, and others. If you are into sales copywriting, you will appreciate templates like QUEST copywriting, AIDA copywriting, Pain-Agitate-Solution, Feature-Advantage-Benefit, Problem-Promise-Proof-Proposal, and more. It has, by far, the best AI templates for marketers. Unlike most other AI content apps in this list, Copy.ai churns out big paragraph outputs, which help you get different angles and ideas even if you don’t want to use the output as-is.

When it comes to pricing, it costs $49 per month or $420 per annum. There is also a 7-days free trial with up to 100 runs a day for those who want to try before they buy. Both subscription plans have unlimited access (credits) to all the templates.

– 70+ high-quality AI templates
– Specialized templates for marketers
– High-quality output
– Unlimited usage/credits

– Monthly subscription costs are on the higher side
– No Lifetime deal
– Long-form AI content needs polish
– Clumsy design can get overwhelming for newbies.

Get Copy.ai

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5. Simplified – All-in-one Marketing Tool with AI writer

simplified ai writer

Simplified is unlike most other tools in this list. It’s an all-in-one marketing suite with a built-in AI writer. Primarily aimed at marketers, Simplified comes with 50+ AI templates, including specific ones for ads, videos, quotes, products, blogs, and more.

It is also one of the first ones to come up with Long Form AI writing with dedicated tools for sentence expander, article rewrite, and AI paragraph generator. Considering AI writing is only a part of the bigger suite, you can integrate your generated copy with an AI designer to quickly churn out ad copies, blogs, videos, or anything else.

Simplified has a free forever plan, which allows up to 1000 words of AI writing per month with access to 50+ AI templates that you can use to write in 25+ languages. There is no access to the long-form writer in this plan, but it’s good enough to evaluate the product. Paid plans start from $9 per month and go up to $75 per month with up to a 40% discount if you pay annually.

– 50+ short-form templates
– Dedicated long-form writer
– Built-in Grammarly support
– Real-time collaboration with team members
– 25+ languages supported
– Access included to other marketing tools like design, video editor, social media publishing

– Primarily aimed at Marketers

Get Simplified

6. Nichesss – the best AI writer on LTD with unlimited credits


During the early days of GPT-3 AI tools, the consensus was that GPT-3 credits cost a lot of money. That, in turn, translated into higher subscription costs for anyone looking for AI writer apps. Nichesss turned the GPT-3 game on its head when it was launched as a lifetime deal for just $59 on AppSumo – that too with unlimited credits. That’s right. For a one-time fee of $59, you will be able to use Nichesss to generate anything from ad copies to blog intros to YouTube video outlines to email newsletters to product descriptions to even poems and news articles with just a couple of clicks. And that too, with no limits on generation! It’s perfect for generating bulk content.

Nichesss is a few tools that are still using OpenAI’s GPT-3 alone to generate content. Sadly, the user interface is extremely dated and screaming for help. In the past few months, the developer has managed to add several new templates to Nichesss, making it an easy recommendation for anyone looking for an AI copywriter.

– Lifetime deal with unlimited credits
– 50+ short-form templates
– Good quality output
– Integrated plagiarism checker
– Super affordable

– Dated user interface
– No long-form content (yet)

Get Nichesss

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7. CrawlQ AI – the best AI content automation system

the best ai writing tools to help you write better content faster in 2023 - crawlq ai

I have mentioned ‘unique’ a couple of times in this article, but CrawlQ.ai is truly unique since it’s more than an AI content writer. They market it as an AI-Content Automation Toolkit and primarily aimed towards B2B SaaS founders struggling to use content to generate more revenue and strengthen their brand, influence, and authority.

CrawlQ provides an end-to-end solution from Market research to competitor differentiation to content automation and search engine optimization. It might feel a bit overwhelming to set this up at first, but once you do, the content automation works great with the help of GPT-3. They go deep into every aspect of the business to collect as much data as possible to make sure the AI can tailor the content for your business.

Even if you are just a content marketing agency, subscribing to CrawlQ makes sense since it lets you create workspaces for different clients and then helps you create tailor-made content for each client using GPT-3. As you would expect, the pricing is steep, starting at $366 per month, but there is a nice lifetime deal going on at AppSumo for a one-time payment of just $79. Act before it’s too late.

– Complete content automation suite
– Tailored AI content writing

– Confusing setup
– No AI templates
– Steep monthly subscription costs

Get CrawlQ.ai

8. Content Villain – best custom AI content writing tool

the best ai writing tools to help you write better content faster in 2023 - content villain

As I mentioned earlier in the article, there has been a deluge in the number of GPT-3 based AI copywriting apps in the past few months. Content Villain is one of them. But it completely merits inclusion in this list of best AI writing apps.

No, that’s not for its interface (that actually needs some fixing) or for its templates (not the greatest). But the fact that it’s the only GPT-3 tool to provide a bespoke generator. What does this mean? This is what their website says “We can create bespoke models to suit your business’s needs. If there is content that you are constantly creating that you want to optimize or automate, we can help you. Get in touch today and collaborate with us directly on creating a model which is uniquely tailored to your business needs​.

It’s a unique, exclusive AI content generator template built specifically for you. Content Villain can use your data and inputs that fit the workflow and requirements of your business. So the outputs aren’t generic like other templates. That’s a pretty cool thing. Interestingly, one-time use of the bespoke generator is part of the lifetime deal that Content Villain is running on AppSumo, where you can grab a code for as little as $69. Stacking two codes will get you the bespoke generator, and three codes will give you API (Middleman) access as well, which is, again, very unique.

– Bespoke Generator
– Unlimited credits with LTD
– API access
– Good quality output
– 50+ AI templates

– Confused interface

Get Content Villain

Honorable Mentions

As I mentioned earlier, there are several new and old AI writer apps based on GPT-3. While many of them are heavily limited either in terms of usable credits or in terms of output quality, there are some which do bring something unique to the table and hence deserve at least an honorable mention.

9. Copysmith

Copysmith is probably the oldest AI copywriting software on this list and is amongst the most well-known and well-funded companies in this niche. Having said that, it can’t be counted amongst the best going by our experience. They claim to have developed their own Artificial Intelligence on top of GPT-3, but that doesn’t seem to provide the high-quality output that we have seen from other tools above. It does come with several AI copywriting templates for ads, blogs, branding, and more. Their subscription plans start from $16 a month.

10. GoCopy

This is amongst the newest GPT-3 tools in the market and one of the better ones when it comes to the user interface. This AI writing assistant has one of the best content rephrasing tools that I have tested. The output for other copywriting templates was mediocre. But at $36 a month for the Pro plan, the pricing is too steep for what it does.

11. ContentBot

This is a unique app on this list that can send you blog/marketing ideas regularly to your inbox. That’s quite a neat value add for anyone looking beyond AI content creation. It also plays well with multiple languages for input and output. The UI is quite good as well. But the output quality wasn’t amongst the best in our testing. It has one of the most generous free trials. In case you like what it does, the premium subscription can be bought starting at $29 a month.

12. Snazzy AI

The primary reason to include Snazzy in our list is for its super cool Chrome extension. It mimics what WordTune does but by using GPT-3. You can rewrite, expand or shorten any content on the web in a couple of clicks. Super handy indeed. Of course, it has all the other jazzy AI writer stuff but with mediocre content quality. Pricing starts at $25 a month for unlimited usage.

Other non-GPT-3-based AI writer tools

  • WordTune: We had covered WordTune in detail on this blog earlier this year. It’s a browser extension tool that provides you with tailored suggestions for words and sentences in your writing to make it clear and easy to comprehend. A real handy AI writing assistant with both free and premium plans.
  • QuillBot: QuillBot is a dedicated paraphraser and summarizer tool. Some of the GPT-3 tools mentioned above have this feature, so it’s not super unique. But Quillbot has been around for a while and pretty matured already.
  • Frase.io: Frase is a content marketing tool that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to generate content briefs for your chosen keywords. It’s more of an SEO tool than an AI writer, but we believe it complements any of the above GPT-3 AI tools perfectly in the workflow. The alternatives include INK, MarketMuse, and Postpace.
  • WordAI: I’m including WordAI in this list only because it’s one of the most popular AI writing software not based on GPT-3. Honestly, it’s more like a content spinner and something I don’t recommend personally. But hey, you got to decide for yourself.
  • ArticleForge: ArticleForge is another popular AI content software that promises human quality content under 60 seconds. It costs a bomb and something I’d avoid personally.
  • Grammarly: Grammarly needs no introduction for anyone who is into content writing. This AI tool is a gold standard for anyone who wants to perfect their copies with ease. The free version should suffice for most, but the premium version is well worth the money for serious copywriters. Alternatives include Outwrite, ProWritingAid, and Linguix.

Frequently Asked Questions on AI writing

Let’s go through some of the most common questions you might have around GPT-3 and AI writing.

1. What is AI writing?

The AI writing assistants utilize machine learning to help writers with various aspects of the writing process. They include research, grammar checks, and localization. These tools employ natural language processing to analyze text and provide suggestions on related material. AI< writing comes with auto-writing and text generation features that will produce error-free, information-dense content based on the user’s headline. A year ago, AI writing articles were regarded as frightening and impractical. Not any more!

2. Can AI replace writers?

Definitely not. It’s not just because OpenAI (who’s behind GPT-3) mandates a human writer in the loop; it is very difficult for the AI to check facts and produce error-free content. AI can certainly help with creative inputs and content rephrases but is not sophisticated enough to completely replace human writers.

3. Can AI write stories?

Yes! As surprising as it sounds, AI story writing is made popular by tools like ShortlyAI and Jarvis AI, which are really good at writing stories and novels. That’s because GPT-3 dataset is filled with a lot of fiction and non-fiction books. Having said that, it needs heavy handholding by a human writer to make coherent sense to ensure it’s not plagiarized. But you will be truly surprised how AI can cure writer’s block and give new angles to your stories. Don’t be surprised the next time you learn about AI writing stories and AI writing scripts.

4. Can GPT-3 write code?

AI learning and writing its own code was a plot in many Sci-fi movies, but Open AI’s GPT-3 can indeed code in any language – be it CSS, JSX, Python, or others. The model could be used to automate many redundant and repeated coding, for example, in HTML/CSS or in the construction of a simple neural network. But AI writing code is very limited in what it can do. Slightly more sophisticated things like adding some specific momentum-based animation to a site can’t be done by AI (yet). Some have already asked, “Will GPT-3 kill coding?” Far from it!

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