A while back we featured a top of the best parenting apps for Android users. Taking the spotlight today are some awesome parenting apps for iOS users, and more exactly, for iOS parents that want some extra help with their kids. These apps cover just about any aspect of parenthood, from tips to better deal with a toddler to amazing and quick recipes for the hungry kids coming from a hard day of playing on the football field. Of course, many more are available on the iTunes market, this is just a quick selection of some of the best available.

Parenting Apps for iOS

8. White Noise

parenting apps for ios

If the Swiss would make a watch app, this could very well be it. Having lots of customization options, this great parenting app for iOS will give you the peace of mind you need that your child will wake up on time and in a manner that will not turn him in a zombie for the rest of the day. As you might know, a natural wake-up will make you feel much more relaxed and rested, so I would recommend you this awesome app to make your day great from the beginning.

7. Parenting Ages & Stages

 parenting apps for ios

Better suited for a iOS magazine app, Parenting Ages & Stages gives you a concentrated look of the famous magazine of parents and you are able to see exactly what information you need, when you need it. The app allows parents to customize it by adding photos of their child and then receive information about the development of kids that age and much more useful information.

6. 250,000+ Recipes and Grocery List – BigOven

 parenting apps for ios

If you are passionate about cooking, than BigOven’s 250,000+ Recipes and Grocery List is the perfect app for you. Using it, you can turn yourself in a great french chef, capable of making some dishes that will amaze everyone. A must have tool in anyone’s app locker and one of the most useful parenting apps for iOS. So go and download it and transform yourself in a gourmet chef overnight!

5. Grocery Gadget – Shopping List

 parenting apps for ios

If you think shopping is hard to do, think of the fact that a mother usually has to figure out what to put on the table each day for an entire family (not something I agree with, but it’s true in most households). And in their help, we gave something to come with in the groceries departmnt. Although it won’t do them automatically, it will most definitely eliminate notes and papers that get easily lost or thrown. This app is meant to help with remembering the grocery list more easily. We hope that a smart house in the future will do the groceries automatically, until then, we have to get by with what we have.

4. Baby Tracker: Nursing

baby tracker nursing

I haven’t been a parent yet, but I saw how hard is to keep up with all the needs of babies, they need feedings and changings at specific times and so on…I’m starting to think I’ll never have one myself. But luckily, for iOS users, there is an app that can help them keep track of all these different hours of day and night. Baby Tracker: Nursing is an awesome parenting app for iOS that all new parents should give a try.

3. Total Baby

parenting apps for ios

One of the best known parenting apps is called Total Baby. It was featured in more than one parenting magazines and it gives all those tech savvy parents out there an entire assortment of tools that they can implement in their families and give them that extra help they so need. We highly recommend this app for everyone who wants all the best features in one little package.

2. Baby Monitor

parenting apps for ios

Although not meant to replace the classic baby monitor, this parenting app for iOS gives you information about your baby’s sleep patterns and can also keep an eye out on your older kids, to see if they are always home in time and give you the sense that you are in control. Also, this app allows you to send SMS messages instead of just phone calls, a plus if your kids are older and can use their Apple mobile phone.

1. Cozi Family Organizer: Shared Calendar, Shopping Lists, To Do Lists

parenting apps for ios

If you are in need of a good organizer, then this app is what you’ve have been looking for. Cozi Family Organizer gives the modern day parents all the features they need to keep a good organized agenda and family. From shopping lists that can be shared, to do lists and so on, this is more like a parenting toolbox than a parenting app for iOS.

Having these great parenting apps for iOS at your disposal will definitely give you a massive amount of help during the development stage of your child, and also beyond that. Of course, Apple is also manufacturing devices that will better integrate with our lives and help us more and more, let’s see what it will be like when the new iPhone 5 hits the shelves.

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