If you were thinking that October is almost over, then think again. It’s far from over as we have a huge line-up of tech announcements lined up in the next 10 days, starting with Apple’s iPad mini event on October 23rd, followed by Microsoft’s Windows 8 Launch on October 26th, and culminating with twin events by Google & Microsoft on October 29th.


The Apple iPad mini event (taglined “We’ve got a little more to show you”) will be held at the California Theatre in San Jose tomorrow, and the event will begin at 10:00 AM Pacific / 1:00 PM Eastern time. Click here to know the start time in your timezone. The invites were sent out to a select few journalists and bloggers last week, who are expected to live blog from the event.

Much like the iPhone 5, there have been a lot of leaks and rumors surrounding the iPad mini launch. The smaller iPad is expected to boast a 7.85″ non-retina display, A5 or A6 chip, much thinner form factor, lightning connector and possibly iPhone 5 like aluminum back.

In addition to the iPad mini, there are rumors of a new 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina display, new Mac Minis and refreshed iMacs being announced at the event. Though the leaks have been with regards to the hardware, I personally believe that the main focus will be on a new ecosystem surrounding the iPad mini.

iPad Mini Event Live Blogging Links

1. The Verge

2. Engadget

3. GDGT live

4. MacRumorsLive

5. CNET live

6. Gizmodo

7. TIME Techland

8. Slashgear


10. Ars Technica

More links will be added soon.

Watch iPad mini event Live Streaming Online

Let’s get this straight. Apple has always avoided to live stream their product launches and events on the web. The last time they live streamed an event was back in in September 2010 for the iPod music event, and then repeated that in October 2010 too. Then on, they went back to their strict self, by deciding not to live webcast their events.

Now, just in case Apple & Tim Cook change their mind and decide to live stream iPad mini event online, then this is the link you need to bookmark*:

Apple Events Webcast

*Update: MacRumors is reporting that Apple has quietly added the Apple Events channel to the Apple TV. This surely increases the possibility of Apple live streaming the event, specially since tuning to the channel asks viewers to tune-in at 10am PDT! Sweet!

Update 2: Apple has confirmed that they will be live streaming the iPad mini event on the below link. But then, you’d need to have an Apple TV (2nd gen or 3rd gen); Safari 4 or later on Mac OS X v10.6 or later; Safari on iOS 4.2 or later.

Link to watch iPad mini event live

Earlier: Even if they don’t live stream the iPad mini event, expect them to upload the video right there, once the event ends on October 23rd. Other possible live streaming links include Twit Live TV and CNET livestream, though the chances of live keynote streaming are pretty slim. But these two are great links if you prefer a video coverage over live blogging.

Also, the same guys who promised live streaming of iPhone 5 event last month on Ustream are promising the live stream of iPad mini event as well. From what I saw back then, it was just a bunch of geeks chatting about the event and not the actual webcast. Ironically, they are asking for donations to do this!

If at all there is any brave soul who tries to stream the event unofficially, we shall immediately update such links right here, once we find them on October 23rd. Do check back once the event begins.


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