The Best Tools and Gadgets for Students [2013 Edition]

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The summer is long over, which means that the school year is starting again and students from all around the world are searching for the best arsenal of tools and requisites they need to get through their academic or school year. Sadly, this has to happen, but it doesn’t have to mean that the fun is over, because if you are equipped with the right gear, everything will be better.

If you are one of the guys who is on the homestretch of buying stuff for school, such as student laptops, useful gadgets, stylish backpacks, tablets, smartphones or other high-tech gear, this is the place for you. Here, you will find the best offers for students regarding the most fashionable accessories and useful devices, everything packed in an exciting back to school guide for 2013.

Tools and Gadgets for the new School Year


Big companies and smaller ones are trying to make a name for themselves by offering big discounts or free apps for students. Some of them are asking for different accreditations that attest that you are a student in order to let you benefit of their special offers, such as Microsoft’s Office 365 suite deal for students. Others, are just offering important discounts, free shipping or different gift cards without having to perform other steps. So, don’t hang in the balance anymore and read the following article to discover the best gear for your new academic year.

Student Laptops

The first and the most important thing students must have when they go to school is the laptop. When it comes to selecting one, there is a various number of laptops that meet their necessities, from under the budget Chromebooks to Windows 8 touch screen laptops equipped with the latest Intel 4th generation Haswell processors. One of these high-tech gear will probably get you through the day so don’t wait anymore and decide which one suits your needs best.

The great advantage of being a student and being in this period of time before the school starts is that companies and manufacturers are offering great prices, important discounts, free shipping and even different gift cards. So, buckle up and read about the best student offers.

Apple MacBook Air 11 and 13


Apple is a big and amazing company that is a pioneer in the high-tech devices field. It offers a wide array of laptops from which we set our face to the versatile Apple MacBook Air 11 and 13. The laptops are only 1.72 cm (0.68 inch) thin and weigh as little as 1 kg (2.38 pounds) making them very suitable for a regular day at school. Furthermore, the 11 inch model has a stunning up to 9 hours battery lifetime and the 13 inch laptop lasts up to 12 hours of usage.

The price can be a little scary, because the 11 inch laptop’s price starts from $999 while the 13 inch version starts from $1099, but we can assure you that the components packed in these little portable computers are worth every penny. For more info, go to Apple’s official website and get the location of the nearest store. Also, Apple offers some great discounts and gift cards that can go up to $200 for every student in the Apple Store for Education program.


Chromebook Photo: Alex Washburn / Wired

The Chromebook is an ultraportable laptop that is especially designed to be carried everywhere. Thanks to its minimal physical characteristics, just 1 kg of weight (2.5 pounds), an 11.6 inch screen and less than 1.75 cm (0.7 inch) thin, Chromebooks can easily be transported in a purse, backpack or briefcase. Also, keep in mind that this laptop is not a regular one, because it comes with the Chrome operating system, which is created to be used with a permanently Internet connection.

All of the apps are cloud based and they are available through web, which means that the booting screen will be faster than everything else that is on the market, to be more exact, the Chromebook boots in only eight seconds. Another big advantage is that you will not have to worry about viruses, malware or other harmful things, so that antivirus software is not necessary. Furthermore, the battery lifetime usually lasts 6.5 hours.

The Chromebook is available in multiple versions with prices that start from $199 and go to several hundreds of dollars. At this moment, Chromebooks are made by only three major manufacturers, Acer, HP and Samsung, and by Google, with the Chromebook Pixel laptop.

Other laptops that may interest you are:

  • Acer Aspire M5 is an amazing laptop, which has an aluminum aspect, backlit keyboard and a stunning nine hours battery lifetime. The device is equipped with the power efficient Haswell processor and can be bought for $729.99.
  • Lenovo Yoga 11S is an ultrabook that is defined by three words: flexibility, portability and touch ability. It can be used as a laptop or easily transformed into a tablet, having over 6 hours of battery lifetime. The price starts from $649.

Note that Lenovo offers their products at special prices that can be discounted up to 35 per cent, through the program named “Lenovo Academic Purchase Program”. For more information go to the following page.

  • ASUS X550CA-DB31 is an under $500 laptop that has everything that a student needs at school: an Intel 3rd generation i3 processor, a battery that lasts between 4 and 5 hours and a premium look.


Smartphones are a very important part of our life nowadays and for students, well, they are vital. Either way, they use them just for browsing on Internet, sending tweets or keeping them organized with the help of different apps, picking the right one for your necessities it’s not a simple job. Here begins our job and we gathered around a list with smartphones that may keep you organized and entertained in the same time.

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c


The latest premium smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 5s, accompanied by the new iOS 7 is a great solution of keeping you connected to school classes. It has the latest technology implemented, like a fingerprint identity sensor, light design, an impressive A7 processor built on a 64 bit architecture and more. Also, the ultrafast LTE wireless connection, the two CPUs and GPUs represent big assets in Apple’s fight with competitors. The smartphone’s price starts from $649 for the 16 GB version and goes up to $849 for the 64 GB model.

If you want to opt for style, rather than performance and next-generation tech specs, then you might want to give the iPhone 5c a chance, as well. On the inside, not too much has changed from the iPhone 5, as we have found out thanks to early teardowns. The unique selling proposition of the iPhone 5c is that it comes in vibrant colors that you could choose from: white, pink, yellow, blue, or green. The downside is that its back case is built from plastic, but as early reviews have proven, there’s no compromise in the build quality.

HTC One       


HTC One was designed to beat the market, offering an amazing aluminum look, beautiful screen, quad core processor, a remote control and last, but not least, the Ultrapixel camera. Basically, the latter is only a 4 Megapixel camera that is accompanied by a great built-in software that can easily make wonders. Also, the smartphone is equipped with dual BoomSound speakers which give you only premium audio quality for your music and games. Depending on the carrier you choose, the prices are starting from $599.99.

Other useful and great smartphones are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest family Galaxy S – series member. The device is equipped with only high-tech and valuable components, making it one of the best choices for every teenager that is out there.
  • When it’s about of taking photos, Nokia Lumia 1020 is the king of the castle, thanks to its 41 Megapixel camera that can take awesome pictures. The phone can be bought with only $299 from AT&T.
  • The Japanese are creating great technology and Sony Xperia Z can easily represent one of the best around. The 13 Megapixel camera, the tough metal frame and the water resistance are only few examples of which the device is capable of. Its price is around of $600.


It’s good to know that if you want to spice a little bit your school experience, a tablet is mandatory. There are lots of reasons why students have to buy a tablet, one of them is that a tablet it’s so lightweight and has a very good battery lifetime (the good ones resist even for a day without charging). These devices are very versatile, capable of doing almost what a laptop can do, they are equipped with lots of useful apps and even more.

iPad and iPad mini