After the recent order by the Indian Government that banned the usage of 59 Chinese apps in India, we decided to compile a list of alternatives to these Chinese apps that would make your experience better and safer. If you’re using any of the Chinese apps that have been banned, make sure you switch to the relevant alternatives of the Chinese apps. For convenience’s sake, we’ve categorized the apps into their respective genres, which would help you find the best alternative to the Chinese apps based on the kind of apps.

chinese apps alternatives


Banned Apps: UC Browser, CM Browser, Apus Browser, DU Browser

Alternative Apps:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most widely-used browsers and also comes pre-installed on every Android phone being a part of the core GMS package. It has all the basic features and even syncs across all your devices and more importantly, is safer since Google is a brand we can trust.

Android: Install


Brave is a new entrant to the browser game with a specific emphasis on privacy. Brave claims that they do not track your usage or store any of your data which automatically makes it much better than any of the browsers out there, let alone the banned Chinese apps.

Android: Install

Social Media and Entertainment apps

Banned Apps: TikTok, Kwai, Helo, Likee, Weibo, Bigo Live, U Video, Hago, Vigo Video, Viva Video

Alternative Apps:

There are multiple social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., that are safer when compared to the Chinese apps that have been banned. They do not require unwanted permissions on your smartphone or, unlike some reports on TikTok; they don’t turn on your camera or mic from time to time, so that’s a big plus for privacy.


Dubsmash is also a good alternative to TikTok and more such apps and is developed by a German company. Dubsmash, just like TikTok, includes short videos in the vertical format. Instagram’s IGTV is also a good alternative with a similar format.

We hear India’s Zee5 is coming up with a TikTok alternative very soon. Stay tuned for that.

File Sharing/ File Manager

Banned Apps: Shareit, Xender, ES File Explorer

Alternative Apps:

Files Go

Files Go is an app by Google that acts as a file manager and can also be used to transfer files or apps from one device to the other, just like Shareit or Xender. It’s light, fast, and more importantly, does not snoop on your data like the Chinese apps.

Android: Install 

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is another good alternative to Shareit or Xender and can be used cross-platform. If you need to send files from an Android to a Mac or Windows, Send Anywhere can do that with ease and at good speeds as well.

Android: Install

Productivity and Utility

Banned Apps: CamScanner, DU Battery Saver, Virus Cleaner, UC News, Parallel Space, DU Recorder, Clean Master, Mi Video Call

Alternative Apps:

For CamScanner

Notebloc is the best alternative to CamScanner for scanning notes or documents. It has a clean and simple interface and has the same customization options as CamScanner, with the added bonus that it’s not a Chinese app. Alternatively, one can use Adobe Scan or Microsoft Office Lens as well.

Android: Install

For UC News

InShorts is a popular app that provides news or you could also install apps from famous news providers like Times of India in order to read verified news. Google News is also a good option that provides you with news in a concise manner.

Android: Install

For DU Recorder

You can use AZ Screen Recorder for recording the contents of your screen if your smartphone does not come with an in-built screen recorder.

Android: Install

For Parallel Space

Dual Apps, Multiple App Cloner is a good app that is developed by an Indian developer and is hence the best alternative to Parallel Space. Most smartphones in 2020 come with the ability to have dual apps which eliminates the need for a dedicated app like Parallel Space in order to run two WhatsApp accounts.

Android: Install

For DU Battery Saver, Clean Master, Virus Cleaner, etc.

Your Android phone does not need any sort of antivirus software and can run smooth and safe without the need for any of these apps. In fact, these apps occupy more RAM and memory and deteriorate the performance of your smartphone. This is a perfect opportunity to get rid of these useless apps.

For Mi Video Call

Google Duo is one of the best video calling services which is end-to-end encrypted. You can also use Skype or WhatsApp’s in-built video calling service too.

Android: Install


For music, use any of the known music streaming platforms or if you store music offline in your SD card, use Google Play Music or Poweramp. For the camera, use the stock camera app on your phone or if your phone has a G Cam port, we would suggest that. If you still want a third-party camera app, Open Camera is a good alternative. For messaging, use WhatsApp or Telegram instead of WeChat. Use Google Translate for translations. For the gallery, use Google Photos or Gallery Go instead of QuickPic. XDA Developers is a good forum to discuss topics about your device instead of Mi Community.

These were a few alternatives to some of the most commonly used Chinese apps that have been banned in India. We will be adding more alternatives to Chinese apps under each category so that you have a safe and secure experience while using your smartphone. If your phone comes pre-installed with any of these apps, make sure you uninstall them and if they cannot be uninstalled by default, we’re working on a guide which will help you uninstall all the Chinese apps from your smartphone.

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