WhatsApp announced its highly anticipated WhatsApp multi-device feature a while ago, and its rollout has started in a public beta. WhatsApp users who have enrolled in the beta program for WhatsApp on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have started receiving the multi-device feature. It allows users to link a maximum of 4 devices where they can use their WhatsApp services without the phone being connected to the internet. Here’s a simple guide on how to use the WhatsApp multi-device feature on your smartphone.

whatsapp-multi-device feature
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The WhatsApp multi-device feature is being rolled out in phases and is only accessible by beta users enrolled in the beta program. If you are using the regular version of WhatsApp, you will first join as a beta tester. WhatsApp users on iOS can register for the beta program from here, and Android users can enroll themselves from here.

If the beta program shows that it’s full, then iOS users will have to either wait to release the multi-device feature in the regular version or keep trying to enroll in the beta program. Android users, however, can manually install the beta version apk from reputed sources like ApkMirror.com and enjoy the multi-device feature.

How to Use WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature on Any Smartphone?

Ensure that you are on the latest beta version of WhatsApp. If not, then update your WhatsApp application first. Now open WhatsApp on your smartphone. Tap on the three dots to the top right of your screen, and select ‘Linked Devices.’

linked devices in whatsapp for android

You will be greeted with a popup saying, ‘Try new improvements,’ tap on OK.

multi-device feature in whatsapp for android

WhatsApp will now show devices connected to your smartphone via WhatsApp Web. To enable the multi-device feature, tap on ‘multiple-device beta.’

multi-device beta option in whatsapp application

WhatsApp shows a brief of how its multi-device feature works. An important point to note here is that you can only connect 4 WhatsApp Web devices (Desktop Client) to a single smartphone. This means that you still cannot use the same WhatsApp account simultaneously on two separate smartphones. Tap on the ‘JOIN BETA’ button at the bottom.

join beta for whatsapp multi-device feature

A new popup will appear, stating that users will be signed out of all existing WhatsApp Web portals and will have to scan the QR code again on their Desktop Client. Click on ‘Continue’. You have now successfully enabled the WhatsApp Multi-Device feature on your account.

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How to Link a Device for WhatsApp Multi-device Feature?

After enabling the WhatsApp multi-device feature, the next step is to link your computer to the WhatsApp account on your smartphone. Open the ‘Linked Devices’ option from the three dots in WhatsApp. Make sure the Multi-device beta status says ‘Joined’ on your screen. If not, then repeat the steps from above to enable the feature first.

joining multi-device beta in whatsapp for android

Open web.whatsapp.com in any web browser on your computer.  Alternately, you can also download the WhatsApp application on your Windows or macOS computer from here. The linking process for both the web version and the desktop app is the same. Now scan the QR code shown on your computer screen with your WhatsApp registered smartphone.

whatsapp multi-device qr code link

Note – You should use the scanner under the ‘Linked Devices’ option in the WhatsApp application on your smartphone. A regular QR code scanner will not workin this case.

You have now successfully linked your WhatsApp account on your computer and can continue to use WhatsApp services even when your phone is not connected to the internet.

whatsapp multi-device feature

New Features in WhatsApp Multi-Device Support

1. Separate Deletion of Messages on Individual Devices

Earlier, when you deleted a message in WhatsApp Web, the same would be deleted from your smartphone as well and vice versa. But now, with the multi-device feature, every linked device is treated as a separate device. Deleting a chat or message on your linked device like a computer, will not delete the same thing on your phone, and vice versa again. If you want to delete a message from all of your linked devices, it will require you to delete them on every single device manually.

delete messages separately in whatsapp multi-device feature

However, this does not apply to the ‘Delete for everyone’ option. If you delete any message by using delete for everyone, the same will reflect on every linked device of your WhatsApp account.

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2. Archived Chats in the Old Way

WhatsApp had released a new way to archive chats recently, where archived chats would remain archived even after receiving a new message in the chat. However, when you link your computer using multi-device, chats are archived in the old style. This means when you archive a chat on your linked computer, it only gets hidden temporarily and shows back in the list again when a new message is received in that archived chat.

This only applies to the linked device, and the newer archive option remains intact on your smartphone. Archiving a chat on your linked device will also archive the same chat everywhere.

3. Search Older Messages up to 3 Months

When you link your computer to your smartphone, messages older up to 3 months are synced on your desktop client. You can search for these messages, delete them, copy them, etc., without your phone being connected to the internet. Messages older than 3 months cannot be seen on a linked device as of now. Older chats can still be accessed on your primary device.

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FAQs about WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature

1. How to remove a linked device from the WhatsApp multi-device feature?

You can remove any linked device from both your smartphone and the linked device as well.

2. How to Remove a WhatsApp Linked Device Using Your Smartphone?

Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and head over to Linked devices from the 3 dots menu. This will show all the linked devices of your WhatsApp account. Tap on the device you wish you remove or delink. Now select the Logout option. This will remove your WhatsApp account access from that linked device.

remove linked devices in whatsapp multi-device

3. How to Remove a Linked Device on Your Computer?

To remove a linked device directly from your computer, open web.whatsapp.com in the linked browser or open the WhatsApp application on your computer. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the chat list. Now click on the Logout option. This will immediately revoke access to your WhatsApp account from that linked device.

remove linked computer from whatsapp multi-device

4. What is WhatsApp multi-device feature?

WhatsApp multi-device feature allows users to link 4 separate computers to their WhatsApp account. Using this functionality, you can use WhatsApp services on your computer even when your phone does not have an active internet connection.

5. Can We Use WhatsApp on Two Different Smartphones Using Whatsapp Multi-device Feature?

You cannot use the same WhatsApp account on two different devices using the new WhatsApp multi-device feature. It only supports desktop clients, i.e., WhatsApp Web, for computer systems as of now. True multi-device support is something that WhatsApp may include in future beta updates.

6. Does WhatsApp Multi-device Feature Support Voice Calls?

No, the WhatsApp multi-device feature does not support voice calling or video calling yet. The company also mentions the lack of this feature in the patch notes when registering for multi-device beta. This is indeed another much-awaited upcoming feature that users are expecting from WhatsApp.

7. Are Linked Devices in WhatsApp Multi-device End-to-end Encrypted?

Yes, end-to-end encryption is preserved in all the linked devices using the WhatsApp multi-device feature.

8. Can We Post WhatsApp Status Updates With Whatsapp Multi-device?

No, you cannot post status updates with the WhatsApp multi-device feature. Status updates can only be posted from your registered smartphone.

9. How to Get WhatsApp Multi-device Feature Without Beta Version?

The WhatsApp multi-device feature is only available to beta app users in the public beta. It cannot be accessed from the stable version as of now, and users will have to wait for the official release in the stable version if they do not wish to join or install the beta version of WhatsApp.

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