Whether you’re an individual blogger or a business owner, real-time communication is effective and very much in demand. This is what makes Instagram Stories an excellent marketing tool to promote your products and services in 2022.

add link to instagram story

Linking your Instagram Stories to your website or blog can bump up engagement in a big way. The right link can send interested visitors directly to your blog, YouTube channel, landing page, or any website. You can use this trick to generate more traffic and leads. If you’re willing to spend some time crafting the perfect link, then you’ll want to know exactly how to add links to Instagram Stories.

Who can add links to Instagram Stories?

Recently, Instagram went ahead and allowed anyone to add a link on Instagram Story, regardless of the number of followers they have on the platform.

Previously, you had to have an Instagram Business profile with at least 10,000 followers to add a link to Stories on Instagram.

This is a welcome change from the social media giant, but since it’s a new feature, there was some confusion about how to add a link on Instagram Story.

But you do not have to worry because adding links to Instagram stories is pretty simple, so let us take a look.

Steps to Add a Link on Instagram Story

We will add a link to an Instagram story using the popular sticker section on Instagram. Let us dive in.

  1. Launch Instagram on your smartphone and swipe right to open the stories section on Instagram.
  2. Here, swipe up and look for the sticker that says link on it.
    link sticker instagram
  3. Tap on the link sticker, enter the URL you want to add to the story and hit Done.
    adding link in instagram
  4. Now, simply place the sticker in your story at your preferred location and post your story. Boom, It cannot get simpler.
    link in instagram story

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Wait, so that swipe-up feature is now gone?

The new clickable link sticker has now replaced the “swipe-up” function. Also, the swipe-up feature was only available to prominent influencers or publications with more than 10000 followers on the platform.

But many users loved the swipe-up feature, so why was it eliminated? While there is no clear evidence as to why Instagram went rogue and deleted the swipe-up feature, we suspect that the company plans to introduce the swipe-up feature to switch between Stories, similar to the way it does with reels on the app.

The default link sticker is ugly. How can I change that?

Undoubtedly, many users will find the new link sticker ugly and unattractive, but you can quickly fix it by following the steps below.

  1. Launch Instagram and create a new story in which you are willing to add your new link. In our opinion, many people find aesthetic photos appealing and may end up clicking on your link more.
  2. Now, we will create a custom image to place it on top of the Instagram link sticker icon. Do not worry, as it will still be a clickable link and navigate users to the desired URL without any issues.
  3. Design a sticker using your favorite app (you can use Picsart) with a catchy title like TAP HERE.
  4. Save it with a transparent background on your device.
  5. relaunch Instagram and go to your story draft and swipe up and add the image you just created using Picsart on top of the link sticker and then post your Story.
  6. Now, it will post the Story with the link, but it would be more unique and appealing, unlike other people’s stories on Instagram. Also, while you are there, consider following us on Instagram by clicking here for the latest tech tips and tricks.

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Add a link on Instagram story facilely.

With the steps above, you can easily add links to Stories, share them with your followers, and gain exposure. Let us know in the comments below if you found this article helpful and were able to add links to Instagram Stories successfully.

FAQs about Adding Links to Instagram Stories

There may be several reasons why you do not have the link sticker option on Instagram. First, since it is a newly added feature, it may take some time before it is available to all users. Second, you should check if the Instagram app on your smartphone has been updated to the latest version.

Also, the feature is not available for newly created accounts for security reasons, so keep that in mind. It's unclear how long the account should be active and Instagram says anyone who violates their community guidelines may be banned from adding links in Stories.

Privacy has become an important aspect of our lives in this day and age, so it is important to protect it. If someone has dishonestly logged into your Instagram account, it can be a big privacy issue. But do not worry, we have already created a detailed guide on how you can check if someone is logged into your Instagram account.

You should always include a clear call-to-action when posting clickable links. Your audience might need time to adjust to the new link stickers. Prompting them to follow your links can help increase your clicks. There are some apps that let you design and schedule Stories that can help you a great deal in maximizing traffic from Instagram.

Instagram users are able to share links by cutting and pasting text links into their captions and comments, but direct links are not allowed on the platform.  In the past, users could include links in captions and comments. But not anymore. So the two options where direct links are allowed are links in Instagram Stories and the link in the Instagram bio. It's also why Instagram bio link aggregators are so popular.


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