It’s 2022, and email still remains the preferred mode of communication for most people. As such, the need for a good email client—one that gets you all the essential email-management features—becomes imperative.

best email apps for android

If you use an Android phone, it probably came preinstalled with an email app. If you own one of the Pixels, this is very likely Gmail. However, in most other devices, the stock email app is often inferior in functionality and lacks essential email management features.

While you can find many email apps for your Android phone on the Play Store as an alternative to the stock email app, not all of them provide the best user experience.

So, to help you find the right app for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the best email apps for Android that you must check out.

1. Spark

IMAGE: Google Play

Spark is one of the most popular Android email apps among power users. It comes with a bunch of smart and advanced features. Smart Inbox is one such feature, which is essentially a unified inbox that collects emails from all your accounts and shows what’s important at a glance.

Similarly, there’s also Smart Search. As its name suggests, this feature makes searching for emails easier by allowing you to query using natural language search.

Among other highlights, Spark email also offers features like send later, undo send, follow-up reminders, templates, and collaboration. And it can connect to Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Hotmail, and other email services.

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2. ProtonMail

IMAGE: Google Play

ProtonMail is a Swiss-based email app. In other words, this means state-of-the-art security features with end-to-end encryption. Furthermore, as per the company, it’s ‘zero-access encryption,’ which means not even Proton can read your emails.

Using ProtonMail is slightly different than other email apps. First, it requires you to create a email address, after which you can choose to integrate other email clients or import emails from those services into your ProtonMail account. And the best part is, it’s totally ad-free.

Another useful privacy feature of ProtonMail is the ability to send password-protected encrypted emails to non-ProtonMail email addresses, so no one besides you and the recipient can read those emails. No wonder it’s one of the best Android email apps available right now.

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3. Newton Mail

newton mail
IMAGE: Google Play

Newton Mail is one of the most visually-appealing email apps for Android. However, it’s got a sleek and minimal interface, which helps reduce clutter and keep your inbox tidy. You can use Newton Mail to manage your accounts on Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Outlook, iCloud, and more.

Among NewtonMail’s most useful features is ZenInbox, which filters out unnecessary emails to keep you focused. Similarly, to make managing emails easier, it also has Unified Folders that put all your important folders from different accounts in one place and Unified Search to simplify searching emails across multiple accounts.

Besides, NewtonMail promises not to track your location (and serve you targeted ads). It also has a remote wipe option that lets you log out of your email when you lose your device.

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4. Email by Edison

email by edison
IMAGE: Google Play

Email by Edison (or simply Email) is one of the feature-rich email apps for Android. You can use it with as many email accounts as you want across all popular services like Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.

Focus Inbox is one of the Email’s smart features. It’s similar to a smart inbox on other email clients and helps you focus on the important emails. On top of this, the app also lets you personalize notifications, so you can choose to get alerts for emails that matter to you. And yes, it comes with a dark mode/dark theme as well.

Another neat feature of Edison Mail is Price Alert, which alerts you if your recent purchases drop in price. Similarly, you also get tracking pixels blocking that blocks tracking pixels in your emails to prevent spying and a built-in AI assistant from helping you track incoming package status and get alerts for upcoming flights.

Download Email

5. Gmail

gmail for android
IMAGE: Google Play

Gmail is the official email client from Google. It’s the perfect email app for those looking for a functional email app with essential email features without being overwhelmed by its complexity and also for those heavily invested in Google apps.

Gmail’s feature set includes protection against spam and dangerous links, collaboration using Google Chat; video calls with Google Meet, integration with Google apps, and threaded conversations to make following replies easy.

Besides these, Gmail also offers features like Smart Reply and Smart Compose to assist you with composing/replying to emails. An easy choice if you are looking for a no-nonsense functional Android email app.

Download Gmail

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6. Spike Email

spike mail
IMAGE: Google Play

Spike is another Android email app with a clean and appealing user interface. It’s designed to be a conversational email client, which brings together the best of mail and messenger to make it easier for you to reply to emails and follow up on your responses.

With Spike Email, you can access your emails on any of the major email providers and eliminate distractions using the Priority Inbox to focus just on emails that matter to you. You can even collaborate with your team and share documents right from the inbox.

Likewise, Spike also lets you create groups for teams and projects to work efficiently and connect with anyone over video meetings or calls whenever required. Additionally, you can unsend emails, schedule emails, and unsubscribe and block spam emails on the app.

Download Spike Mail

7. Microsoft Outlook

microsoft outlook
IMAGE: Google Play

Microsoft Outlook is the best email app for Android if you use Microsoft services. That’s, however, not to say it doesn’t work with other services—it does with Gmail and Yahoo Mail, but its feature set is more beneficial to Microsoft users.

Microsoft offers a Focused Inbox on Outlook to avoid distractions and help you focus only on what’s important. It makes it easy to jump between emails and calendars, so you can schedule your upcoming meetings and share your availability quite easily. Besides, there’s integration support for Microsoft services like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Outlook also comes with Play My Emails, which allows you to playback your emails to catch up with them on the go. Besides, you can create/join meetings on the app and use the built-in task planner to plan your tasks for the week beforehand.

Download Microsoft Outlook

Other than these seven Android email apps, there are others like Aqua Mail, Blue Mail, K-9 Mail, etc., which do offer some unique features like voice input via the Android Wear smartwatch and can be looked into only if none of the above-mentioned apps cut it for your requirements.

Never Let Your Email Inbox Overwhelm You Again

Email management is critical to keeping up with your tasks and being productive. It’s one of those skills that can reduce your anxiety around work so you can focus on getting things done.

Using a good email app is the key to better email management, and our picks for the best email apps on this list should make it easier for you to do just that on your Android device. Of course, there are several other popular email apps for Android out there that you can also use, but we feel the ones on this list manage to get the balance right between features and usability.

FAQs About Android Email Apps

Spark is the best free email app for Android in our opinion. It's free, has an intuitive and clean interface, and has all the essential email-management features you'd need, like email snoozing, reminders, pinned emails, email scheduling, and undo send.

Plus, its Smart Inbox feature works really well and manages to do a great job at filtering out unsolicited emails to help you focus better.

Spark works with all major email services such as Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, Outlook, and more.

ProtonMail is the safest email app for Android. It's hosted entirely in Switzerland, which has the world's strongest privacy laws, and therefore, you get features like zero-access encryption that prevents anyone (besides the sender and the recipient) from reading your emails, E2E encrypted emails, and password-protected encrypted emails to non-ProtonMail email address.

Between Gmail and Samsung email, many people would consider Samsung email to be the best owing to the extra features it comes with which includes:

  • Customize keyboard
  • Threaded emails
  • Smart reply
  • Smart search
  • Smart select
  • Auto-complete, etc.

Both Gmail and Samsung email have their pros and cons, so it ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some of the key factors to consider include:

* Storage capacity – Gmail offers more storage space than Samsung email

* Ease of use – Gmail is generally considered to be more user-friendly than Samsung email

* Features – both Gmail and Samsung email offer a wide range of features, but some people may find one platform’s features more appealing than the other

Email by Edison is possibly the fastest email app for Android. It has a simple and neat design which ensures the UI is clutter-free and you can navigate around the app with lesser taps as compared to other feature-rich and bloated email apps.

No, there is no built-in mail app or email client as such on Android. But all Android phones do come preloaded with Gmail, which is Google's own Email app. It's great, but not as good as the built-in Mail app on iOS when it comes to versatility and the number of features.

It's not as full-featured as some of the third-party email apps available on the Google Play Store, but it can handle most of your email needs. Some Android manufacturers do provide a built-in Mail app like Samsung Email.

The default mail app for Android is Gmail. Google's free email service comes preloaded on most Android devices. You can install one of the many third-party email apps like we have listed in this article if you want a more versatile and feature-rich Android email app.

Samsung email app is an email client that can be used to send and receive emails on your Samsung smartphone. It is a free app that is available for download on the Google Play store.

You can access your email account from any device or computer with internet access, and you can also use the app to send and receive messages on the go. Here’s how to set up and use the Samsung email app:

1) Download the Samsung Email app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2) Open the app and sign in with your email address and password.

3) Fill out the form with your name, email address, password, and server information.

4) To send a new message, tap the Compose button and enter the recipient’s email address. Type your message and then tap Send.

5) You can also reply to or forward messages from within the app.

6) To delete a message, swipe left on it and then tap Delete.


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