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Jabra Elite 5 Review

Jabra Elite 5 Review: Elite sound and calling served up

Jabra Elite 5 review: Launched at $149.99/Rs 14,999, the Jabra Elite 5 are now available at Rs 11,999 and score heavily on audio and call quality, although…

Nothing Ear (2) Review: Getting into a new zone, sticking to basics

Nothing Ear (2) review: Although they mirror the design of the Nothing Ear (1), the Ear (2) come with better audio and improved ANC, and a number…

iqoo z7 review

iQOO Z7 Review: The sub-Rs 20,000 zone gets a champ

iQOO Z7 Review: With generally good specs, a flashy design, and a generally solid performance, the iQOO Z7 could well prove to be a new benchmark for…

Dyson Pet Grooming Kit Review

Dyson Pet Grooming Kit Review: Pet Pampering Made Easy!

Dyson Pet Grooming Kit Review: This is a three-piece accessory for Dyson’s cordless vacuums that aims to help pet owners clean and groom their pets effectively. It…

oneplus 11r review

OnePlus 11R Review: Here comes the flagship killer (murderer!), the original gangster

OnePlus 11R Review: At Rs 39,999, the OnePlus 11R sees OnePlus return to the flagship killing zone after a brief sabbatical. Here’s our in-depth review!

How to Guides

how to open Facebook desktop site on mobile

How to Open Facebook Desktop Site On Mobile Phones [2023]

Learn how to open Facebook desktop site on mobile with these simple instructions. Whether you want to view photos or messages on a larger screen, this guide…

how to enable 2fa on discord

How to Enable 2FA on Discord: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to protect your Discord account using two-factor authentication? We’ll show you how to enable 2FA on Discord on desktop and mobile.

how to change alarm sound on iPhone

How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone [2023]

Learn how to change alarm sound on iPhone in just a few simple steps! Whether you want a new sound for your morning alarm or a different…

how to reset a fitbit

How to Reset a Fitbit Smartwatch or Tracker [2023]

Is your Fitbit exhibiting problems, or do you want to sell it? Here’s a guide on how to reset a Fitbit that can come in handy in…

change language on chromebook

How to Change Language on Chromebook [2023]

Are you looking for a way to change language on Chromebook? Whether you need to use a different language for work or school, or you just want…

how to add AppleCare after purchase

How to Add AppleCare After Purchase: Buy Apple’s Extended Warranty

If you didn’t purchase AppleCare with your device, you are not out of luck. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add AppleCare after purchase.

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